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“Natalia´s formative years took place in Elle USA ,her eleven years in New York where extremely influencial in determining Natalia´s sense of harmony in lifestyle, dressing and women´s style.
Natalia´s vision of woman is versatil, spontaneous, chic & cool, understaded in her elegance, passionate about her work, comitted to her family and sync with nature.

While represented by a commercial agency, Utopia The Agency ,she expanded her body of work as fashion stylist to the world of advertising with companies such as Kelloggs, Avon, Xerox, Chivas, Fashion Catalogs included as clients the likes of Bloomingdale´s, Casual Corner, Dillard´s as well as Childrenwear and Bridal.

Her experience in leading Fashion magazines and brands led her to the position of Fashion Director of Marie Claire Spain. The opportunity to return to European Fashion and her innate curiosity brought Natalia back in a management position to her native Spain and energetic Madrid.

Two years later, her profesional focus shifted naturally to Freelance work as Natalia sought to affirm her personal style.

Her first client as an external editor in the publishing world was with the magazine “YO DONA” with the newspaper El Mundo, with whom she collaborated for 6 years, developing Fashion Stories (editorials) according to the trends of each season and dressing celebrities.

Since 2007 she is co- founder of which offers marketing and advertising services on a world wide basis.
From Madrid on a daily basis she develops consulting and image strategies as well as Advising the dress code for companies.
She also conducts workshops and conferences and caters to a Vip agenda all year round.
Feellgood was born of all these experiences , opportunities , readers , clients who have applauded her exquisite and successful formula of knowing to direct , organize,dress , update and advice.
Today she wants to put Feellgood at your disposal.