FEELGOOD Is a company dedicated to Image Consulting Services that fosters confidence by guiding you to find the best version of yourself.
80% of our success in our social or professional relationships are made by that “first impression” .Through my personal advice I will give you confidence in yourself and that security will be transformed into personal and professional success.
Both on a personal and corporate level my advice will change your way of dealing with your difficulties when it comes to managing or deciding your image and we will convert what until now was a daily challenge into something creative, fun and productive in your day to day, job interviews, business events, family events…
“Feellgood” wants to contribute its bit through aid to different NGOs, Foundations and Institutions and people with disabilities. With these groups of people she works bringing them closer to a more integrated vision /version of themselves, improving their image and mood. “
“Feellgood” reflects a state of mind that invites you to feel lively and motivated.
My Leitmotiv: To make you Feellgood, that’s where the name of my company originated in the desire to make those around me feel better.